TechCrunch: A Better Image Gallery


TechCrunch somewhat recently redesigned their website. While I actually enjoy the new design, I dislike the fact that you can’t easily go through images in an image gallery.

So, I’m scratching my own itch here and releasing a user script to fix that. It makes it so that you can click on an image and see it full-size above, plus it provides handy previous/next buttons for going through the entire gallery. All without popping back and forth from page to page.

The code is commented and on GitHub, so you can easily see what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s a bit rough around the edges in some aspects, but I think it works well for this case.


To install this, all you need to do is grab the user script.

Google Chrome will support this by default. For other browsers, you will need a user script extension:

Note that I’ve only tried this on Google Chrome and Firefox. Your mileage may vary. If you find issues, please let me know I’ll update accordingly.


To use, once it’s installed, simply visit a TechCrunch post and click on an image in the gallery. A preview will show up above the gallery and you can cycle through the images using the << Prev and Next >> links.

You can test it on this Ice Cream Sandwich post.


Like I mentioned, it’s open source and on GitHub, so if you see something you want added, either let me know (information in README on GitHub) or, better yet, send a pull request my way.


I hope everyone enjoys! I know I’m looking forward now to seeing more images in TC posts.

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