Announcing hs-vcard


I recently began working on a new venture, QR Card Us to help support my education and fund another venture–it just launched tonight. This isn’t so much a sales pitch about that though as it is an announcement of an open-sourced Haskell module I wrote in the process (though, you’re certainly welcome to go check it out, tell your friends, and order some!).

As I was reading up on vCards, I found it most helpful to read RFC 2426. I wanted to easily play around with vCards in my favorite language, but didn’t care for the existing vCard module, so I decided to write my own instead, thus letting me announce hs-vcard. I think it’s fairly straight forward and well-documented, so I’ll end with an example input and the output.

This is the vCard for Frank Dawson, one of the RFC 2426 authors, constructed in Haskell:

and printed out as:

Please let me know if you find any problems, and even better: fix them and submit patches to the GitHub repository. I also chose to not implement reading them in, primarily because I had absolutely no use for that, but people are again welcome to contribute and do so.

I hope you find it useful! Please feel free to comment with any questions or feedback you might have on how I could do things better.

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