Adding Metabase to Metabase to query Metabase in Metabase


There are a lot of obscure, one-off queries I've saved in Metabase to answer different questions about our business. For example, I pretty regularly need to do some percentile-based rankings to estimate the impact of a product feature, and for the life of me can never remember how to construct a percentile query—but I can remember some keywords from past queries.

It turns out you can add the Metabase database to your Metabase settings. Just put in the host and credentials to your database, call it Metabase, and save. Then you can write a query like this (this uses SQL parameters so you can just plug in a new keyword each time):

Which will allow you to query all your saved Metabase questions by keyword:

2020 09 04 til metabase1

Hat tip to bkrausz for the idea.

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